What can I do on Vestd?

Discover all the features available to you on Vestd

Our objective is to enable you to share the equity in your business with those that help and support you - simply, securely and compliantly.

The platform has been designed around the business process of distributing shares (and options). You decide what you want to do, and then the platform auto generates the various required documentation and allows you to execute it all digitally. No paper! Everything is then held in the cloud for you to view or download.

We are continuously improving the platform and adding functionality, and would welcome your feedback on what is great, what could be better and what we could add.

As a brief introduction, this is a current summary of the core things you can do on the platform. If you are ever unsure about what you can do, or how to do it, please just contact us on help@vestd.com.

For your company (please note all related documents needed for Companies House will be automatically generated and sent on your behalf):

  1. Manage your equity
  2. View your cap table and legal share register (both are automatically updated as you issue more shares)
  3. View all documents associated with any share movements or authorisations
  4. Add, detail and file any other documents associated with your equity
  5. Authorise and issue ordinary shares
  6. Add new share classes, or authorise and sub-divide existing ones
  7. Generate and sign share certificates
  8. Create and execute any board and shareholder resolutions
  9. Authorise adoption of new articles
  10. Add and change directors details
  11. Change company name
  12. Update PSCs

Create and manage share schemes

  1. Authorise and set up share option schemes (EMI and Unapproved)
  2. Use Vestd scheme precedents or upload ones prepared by your lawyer or accountant
  3. Authorise and set up a conditional growth share scheme
  4. Maintain a record of valuations for EMI (agreed with HMRC) and growth shares
  5. Execute share scheme agreements with beneficiaries
  6. Receive reminders of statutory notifications required to HMRC

For your shareholders/option holders, a portal in which they:

  1. View and accept shares or options offered
  2. View all shareholdings and options with associated final form documentation
  3. Hold share certificates (for view or download)

Our team, content and app can help you make informed decisions. However, any guidance and support should not be considered as 'legal or financial advice'.