What will my employees see in their employee portal?

Here we'll outline what your employees will see when they accept an option through Vestd

Employee portal on Vestd

When you invite an employee to accept their options on Vestd, the recipient will receive an email asking them to accept their options. Then:

  • They'll create an account on Vestd which takes moments.
  • We’ll capture their address for your legals share register so its all in one place.
  • And as part of our FCA compliance, we’ll ensure they understand the important basics about the options they are about to receive so you can be comfortable they have all the information they need.

Once in their employee portal they will be able to view all details about their options including the option agreement and associated documentation. They’ll then:

  • Review any vesting schedule.
  • Legally accept the option grant.

From their dashboard they’ll be able to see all their current awards along with their shareholder record which they can easily update.

As your company’s value grows over time, you’ll be able to add new valuations to Vestd and your recipients will be able to see the value of their options growing over time. Along with any costs associated with buying them.