Setting up your account on Vestd

Here will show you how you set up your account and link you company on Vestd

Joining Vestd is easy - just a few simple steps.

You will need to:
·      Enter your name and email address (which then goes through an automatic verification process)
·      Enter your company reference number (CRN) and your Companies House authentification number (CAC), which the platform uses to automatically pull in your company details from Companies House
·      Check these details are correct (including entering email addresses for all shareholders and directors), and that the share register downloaded is fully up to date
·      Enter credit or debit card payment details

You then ask to link your company onto the platform. 

At this point, as part of being a regulated entity, we check that the Persons of Significant Control (PSCs) in the company are bona fide.  This involves an automated Experian check and may also require a pdf of your passport and driving licence in addition.

Once this is complete, we approve you and you are able to use the platform.