How do I grant an option to an employee?

In this short video we'll show you how you can easily add an employee to your EMI share scheme

Granting an option

Once your EMI scheme has been designed, adding new people to it is easy. From within the scheme template you’ve just created, you’ll:

  • Select the option pool you want to issue shares from
  • Add the start date of the agreement
  • The recipients name and email address along with the number of total shares they are receiving. We’ll automatically apply the vesting rules applied to your scheme template to this persons options.
  • You can also add their national insurance number here which will make your ERS reporting easier in the future.

If you’d like to add a large number of people at once just get in contact and we’ll set these up for you.

You’ll be able to view each recipients summary details, vesting schedule and then preview their invite email and agreement document before sending.

You can see what your recipients will see here: