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How can I add new users to the platform?

This can be your accountant, a director, or anyone else from your company that you want to give admin access to the platform.

To add a new editor/viewer to the platform simply:
Go to 'Secretarial & admin' > 'Editors'
How can I add new users 1
Click on the 'Invite a new user to manage the company' button
Please note: By default newly invited people will have read only rights, this means they can see everything you can see but can't make any changes. A read only user can be made an editor at any point at which point they have full control and become an authorised person to act on the behalf of the company.
Editors: As part of our KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements – we will need to verify the identity of company editors. Once the person has registered via an email link we will initiate a check and may need to request additional documentation.