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FCA definition of "Retail Client"

For the purposes of the FCA Rules we categorise you as a retail client so, unless you are a large undertaking, you are afforded the maximum protections available under the FCA Rules.

You have the right to request to be categorised as a professional client, however we will not offer this lower degree of protection to clients. You therefore need to confirm that you agree to be categorised as a Retail client.

A retail client is defined by the FCA as a client who is not a professional client or an eligible counterparty.

A professional client is defined as an entity required to be authorised or regulated to operate in the financial markets.

An eligible counterparty is defined as:

(1) an investment firm;
(2) a credit institution;
(3) an insurance company;
(4) a collective investment scheme authorised under the UCITS Directive or its management company;
(5) a pension fund or its management company;
(6) another financial institution authorised or regulated under EU legislation or the national law of an EEA State;
(8) a national government or its corresponding office, including a public body that deals with public debt at national level;
(9) a central bank; and
(10) a supranational organisation.

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